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    Video: Plan and Budget for a Room Addition

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Once you’ve lived in a house for a while, you may decide one day that there isn’t enough space—especially if you’re expecting an addition to the family. Planning and budgeting for a room addition takes a little bit of work, however.

     In this short video, contractor Matt Plaskoff explains the process of planning a room addition. First, he says, you need to determine the size, configuration, and style of the project; doing your research is very important. Then, you need to discuss your budget with your significant other, and finally, with your contractor.

    If you’re thinking of adding a garage or any other type of room to your home, then contact us at William Gordon Group, LLC. We also handle custom home building and commercial build out. Give us a call at (317) 353-3759.

    Common Problems People Face When Trying to Hire a Qualified Contractor

    Last updated 7 years ago

    When undergoing a custom home building project, it’s crucial that you find a skilled contractor you can trust. Unfortunately, not all contractors out there are skilled or trustworthy. Here are a few common problems that tend to pop up during the contractor hiring process: 

    • Incompetence

    Contractors are in charge of ordering supplies, keeping the subcontractors on task, and managing your home project in general. A bad contractor orders the wrong parts, makes an estimate that is way off, and generally makes a lot of sloppy mistakes. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to tell whether or not a contractor is competent until after they begin work on your garage addition or kitchen remodel. That’s why it’s important to gather as many reviews and references as you can before making a hiring decision. 

    • Lack of certification

    In order for a contractor to legally undertake home improvement projects, they must first be certified by the state. Before you hire a contractor, be sure to find out whether or not they’re registered and ask to see their certification. If they’re good at what they do, this shouldn’t be a problem. 

    • Differing vision

    Many contractors have vivid imaginations. Much of the time this is a virtue, but when their vision clashes with your own, matters can get ugly. When hiring a contractor, show him what you want done—he may have a few ideas in terms of logistics and practicality, but if his ideas wildly vary from your wishes, then you should continue your search. Remember, this is your home.

    For a certified and competent contractor willing to work with you to make your dream a reality, contact William Gordon Group, LLC. Serving the Carmel area, our plumbers have been registered and certified since 1999, and in that time, we’ve undergone hundreds of wonderful custom home and home addition projects. Whether you need a kitchen remodel or a garage addition, we’re the right team for the job—we can even handle commercial build outs. Give us a call today at (317) 353-3759.

    The Basics of 2nd Floor Home Additions

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Since your home is the place where you spend the most time, you want to do everything you can to make it feel more suited to your style. This often includes undergoing major changes, remodels, and additions. Here is a brief guide to 2nd floor home additions—one of the more intensive home projects. 

    • Your property

    Before you decide to undergo a 2nd floor addition, you and an experienced contractor should have a long look at your house, inside and out. If your house was designed to have only one story, then the foundations may need to be altered to accommodate a second. If you have enough space on your property to expand your first floor, then that may be the wiser choice, since 2nd floor home additions often have a higher cost and risk.   

    • Local zoning laws

    There are some places in the United States that don’t permit single story houses to add second stories. Before you hire a contractor, it’s important that you find out whether or not your community allows the addition of a second story. 

    • Alternative accommodation

    Since most if not all of the roof needs to be removed, living in a home that is undergoing a second story addition can be very difficult. You may need to arrange to live with a relative or in a hotel during that time. The bright side is you’ll have a wonderful new home by the time you get back.

    If you’re thinking about adding a second floor to your home, then contact us at William Gordon Group, LLC. We’ve been building custom homes and home additions for over 10 years now, and we’re eager to get started on your remodel, garage addition, or whatever project you have in mind. Give us a call today at (317) 353-3759.   

    Video: How To Hire a Contractor

    Last updated 7 years ago

    The success or failure of your next home project depends on the competence and trustworthiness of your contractor—which means that you should approach the hiring process with caution.


    This short video from Howcast discusses the best way to hire a contractor. First, you should do basic research; this includes asking for recommendations from home improvement stores, friends, family, and elsewhere. Next, you should conduct a few phone interviews and validate the contractors’ credentials. Once you’ve selected a contractor, it’s crucial that you get all estimates and quotes in writing.


    By contacting us at William Gordon Group LLC, you’ll make the hiring process a lot easier. You’ll find that we have hundreds of happy customers and are fully qualified for whatever home project you have in mind. Give us a call today at (317) 353-3759.

    The Benefits of Hiring a Formally Trained Contractor for Home Construction

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up or making new additions to your existing home, it’s an exciting time. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of building your family home yourself, but it’s more complicated than you imagine—there’s lumber, concrete, electricity, plumbing, and many more issues to think about. Here are a few benefits to hiring a professional contractor for your home building project:

    • Less risk

    Sure, there’s a sense of pride that comes with building your own house, but there’s also a significant risk. If you don’t have the custom home-building experience, then there’s a chance you may suffer a severe injury when making a garage addition. Professional contractors are specially trained to oversee building projects and reduce risk as much as possible.

    • Save time and money

    In addition to safety, formally-trained contractors place an emphasis on efficiency. The good ones have been building custom homes and making home additions for years and know the best way to run a construction site. Plus, they have the know-how to get it done right the first time, saving money that might otherwise be spent on repairs down the road.  

    • A job well done

    If you’re building a house for yourself, then you might be tempted to let a few small errors go. Contractors, on the other hand, know that they are building a home for a client, and thus do their best to make sure everything is as perfect as can be. Also, the sheer home-building experience of a contractor will ensure that your home is well put together.


    If you’re thinking building a new home or making an addition to your current one, then contact us at William Gordon Group, LLC. We specialize in residential projects, but also have significant experience with commercial build out projects. Don’t risk your time, money, and health by attempting a construction project yourself—give us a call today at (317) 353-3759.

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