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    Garage Additions: Important Elements In A Contractor

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Adding a garage to your home or building onto your existing garage is no small job, and hiring the right contractor can make all the difference in the timeline and quality of the work. A garage addition offers you much more space and increases the value of your home.


    • Licenses and Insurance: When you are hiring a contractor, solicit competitive bids and always determine if your potential contractor is licensed and insured. Additionally, consider the advantages of a contractor who uses professional education and training for personnel.

      Beware the contractor that offers you a final quote without full knowledge of your garage addition beforehand. As always, if your potential contractor is uninsured and unlicensed, then choose someone else. If you experience any sales pressure or your contractor does not seem interested in obtaining the appropriate building permits, then it's time to find a better one.
    • Financial Backing: While there are plenty of contractors with real world experience, always ask for references. Keep in mind that smaller operations may have the necessary know-how to complete your project, but they might not be able to do it in a decent amount of time. Smaller companies don't always have sound financial backing, which could leave you with a half completed garage addition.

      This doesn't mean all large companies are created equal either. Hold any possible contractor to the same standards, and see if they have experience in custom home building to ensure your garage addition will turn out the way you want it.


    At William Gordon Group, we believe in formal education, transparency in pricing, and communication with our customers. We hold ourselves to high standards, so homeowners can place their trust in us for any remodeling project they choose. Contact us at (317) 353-3759 or schedule a consultation with one of our representatives.

    Home Addition & Remodel Process: Getting Bids

    Last updated 7 years ago

    A home remodeling project is a big one, and obtaining competitive bids from contractors will help you get the most for your end cost.

    In this video, you can see how a contractor arrives at the bid they present to the homeowner. A good contractor will be able to offer an attractive, accurate, and informed bid after he or she intelligently analyzes all the information provided regarding your home remodeling project. Be wary of excessively low bids from other contractors as it can mean subpar work or cut corners.

    For comprehensive and accurate bids, turn to William Gordon Group in Indianapolis. Call us at (317) 353-3759 for all your home remodeling needs. Our professionally trained personnel will get the job done right at an affordable price.

    Why Knowledge of Zoning, Codes, And Building Restrictions Will Save You Money On Your Next Addition.

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Zoning regulations, building codes, and HOA restrictions may not be the first thing on your mind when you're considering a home addition or remodel. However, as long as it is a consideration that your contractor takes into account, your project will go just fine:


    • Zoning Regulations: When you are deciding on a home addition, bear in mind that your state or city will have specific zoning regulations that dictate what can be built on your property. While these regulations are not typically overly restrictive, it is important that your contractor has knowledge of and obeys all zoning regulations from your locality.


    • Building Codes: Building codes exist to ensure that any house will meet certain minimum safety requirements. The International Code Council, or ICC, publishes annual building codes that quality contractors follow closely. While even localities like cities or towns can have their own unique building codes, a contractor that will follow them all to the letter is worth hiring.

      Building codes include more than just the minimum size of beam that must be used in roofing—they also encompass other aspects of home remodeling such as plumbing and electrical components.


    • Restrictions: Some homeowners' associations will place restrictions on what can be built on a lot in your neighborhood. Your contractor will need to ensure that all aspects of your home remodeling plan adhere to these restrictions as well.

      The consequences of hiring a contractor that ignores or does not have knowledge of these codes and regulations can result in fines from the authorities or demands from a homeowners' association that you remove or correct the work. By using a knowledgeable contractor, you can avoid any issues in your home remodeling project.


    William Gordon Group has experience in custom home building and home remodeling projects. No matter the size of your home addition, our formally trained personnel will build to code and your specifications. Schedule a consultation with us by contacting (317) 353-3759.

    Home Remodeling and Home Addition Resources For Those Looking For More Information

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Home additions and home remodeling can get very overwhelming without a skilled specialist by your side. Be sure to be informed. Here are some resources to start you on your journey.  

    • Explore the ways to make your kitchen look great during your home remodel in this article from 

    Contact the William Gordon Group at (317) 353-3759 for further information on home additions and home remodeling today.

    Signs It's Time to Remodel Your Home

    Last updated 7 years ago

    A home is lived in and loved. Over time it gains character, but it can also pick up a few quirks along the way. If your family has grown, then chances are your home has appeared to get a little smaller with the years. Home additions or a complete home remodel can help to alleviate any issues you’re facing with your house while adding beauty and function.


    • Your house suddenly feels small: If things are getting a little cramped, then it’s time to plan home additions. Adding a new bathroom, remodeling your old one, or expanding the master bedroom suite can transform a house. Home additions often increase your property value as well. 
    • Your kitchen feels outdated: Many families spend most of their time congregated in the kitchen, so why not make it the nicest room in the house?  Upgrading your cabinets and adding fresh appliances can make this room really stand out. Aged cabinets and small, inefficient space take away key factors that make a kitchen desirable. If your kitchen needs more room for you and your family, then choose updates and additions for your space. 
    • Your house is getting older: An old house is like any other material item—it won’t get any younger and sooner rather than later is when to repair or replace parts of your home. A home remodel can extend the life of your house far beyond what simple maintenance can accomplish. 
    • Your utility costs grow more each year: An inefficient home loses energy and costs you money every year. Remodeling your home with newer and more efficient materials can increase your savings by lowering your energy use and in turn your utility bill. 

    The William Gordon Group can take on your home remodeling project from start to finish for a beautiful end result. Visit our website to browse our completed projects or give us a call at (317) 353-3759 today.

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