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    3 Reasons to Convert Your Garage into a Living Area

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Expanding the square footage of your home may be easier than you think. Below, learn a few reasons why you should consider converting your garage into a living area with the help of a professional contractor:

    1. Versatile Opportunity: Garage conversions offer more than bonus living space—they can address a variety of home needs. Craftsman, vehicle restorers, and hobby enthusiasts can utilize the new living space as a workshop. Those expecting a new addition to the family may consider transforming their garage into a dedicated play area. A new bedroom or suite can accommodate the occasional house guest or function as in-law quarters. Busy professionals can boost their productivity at home with an added home office.
    2. Affordable Home Addition: Adapting a garage is considerably cheaper than constructing a new home addition from scratch. The pre-existing structure of your garage means your new living space is well on its way to completion. Conversion tasks include adding insulation, damp proofing the walls, and adding wall supports, which is why you’ll need the help of a dedicated residential and commercial contractor to help you complete your conversion.  
    3. Boosted Home Value: The reduced cost of garage conversion makes it an economical strategy for raising the sale price of your house. A new buyer may be attracted to your home addition for the same reasons you added it. In cases like these, your home addition has the potential to pay for itself in resale value.

    Visualize your home addition goals with a call to William Gordon Group at (317) 361-3191. We offer a variety of home remodeling services, including garage additions, in-law quarter additions, and garage conversions. Visit us online to review our showcase of custom homes and garage conversions.

    Tame the Garage! Check Out These Resources for Tips and More!

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Follow the below links to learn how a home can benefit from a garage addition and what pricing transparency means when you’re searching for a quality contractor:

    Contact William Gordon Group at (317) 361-3191 for more information.

    Professional Contractor Etiquette: Pricing Transparency

    Last updated 6 years ago

    When it comes to home improvement, your budget is everything. With the right contractor, you can make miracles happen in any custom home remodeling project regardless of your budget. As long as your contractor is of solid reputation, quality experience, and practices pricing transparency, you can remodel your home to create the space of your dreams.


    What Is Pricing Transparency?

    Pricing transparency means that there will be no unforeseen or otherwise obscured costs during your project. A contractor that offers clear and upfront pricing information allows clients to enjoy work that will be completed on-time, according to budget, with no hidden surprises along the way.


    Why Is Pricing Transparency Important?

    When homeowners have a bad experience with a contractor and run up against potential hidden-cost pitfalls, it can leave them with half-completed projects, unlivable spaces, and deep in debt. Pricing transparency means that the contractor will provide all the information he can to the homeowner before the project is even agreed upon in contract. When you’re searching for a good contractor, keep these qualities in mind alongside pricing transparency:

    • A good reputation is important, so ask for references. A good contractor will be more than willing to provide them.
    • Licensing, bonding, and insurance are always musts.
    • Formally trained, professional employees offer a high advantage over tradesmen. Tradespeople may have experience, but formal training and licensing offers expertise that can be hard to find, especially when it comes to tackling all aspects of a project.


    At William Gordon Group, we practice pricing transparency and take pride in our reputation with our clients. Our employees are classically trained and offer experience and knowledge in all aspects of custom home building, additions, and improvements. Contact us at (317) 361-3191 to schedule a consultation with us today.

    Two-Story Additions: The Home Enhancer

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Adding a two-story addition to your home returns an average of 94% on your investment and offers a great and economical way to add square footage without increasing a home’s footprint or adding more foundation.

    In this video, you can see how adding a second-story addition provides more space and value for a home. By using the same siding, the addition will tie-in to the existing construction of your home. By keeping the look unified and ensuring easy access from downstairs to upstairs, the addition will look natural and add beauty to the home.

    William Gordon Group provides full-service custom home building experience to all our clients. Contact us at (317) 361-3191 to learn how we can transform your home with additions and improvements today.

    Could You Benefit from a Garage Addition?

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Garages can act as the catch-all for many homeowners. A custom home builder can help you expand your space, giving you more room for your cars and for storage. A garage addition can also give your home more curb appeal and market value. Take a look below for signs that a garage addition is right for your home:

    • Your Family Has Multiple Cars: Multiple-car households can often find themselves needing to park a car in the driveway, making it difficult to come and go as you please. Even a two-car garage can become quickly cramped because garages so often act as storage spaces for families. A garage addition can alleviate this problem, offering your family space for storage while still keeping your cars away from the elements.
    • You Own a Show Car: Homeowners with show cars can also use the new space of a garage addition to specifically house their prized possession apart from daily-use vehicles, especially if the addition is separate from the main garage. The garage addition can be furnished or finished as the homeowner desires.
    • You Need More Space for Your Hobby: Even if you aren’t harboring an extra vehicle and dealing with car shuffling every day, a garage addition can truly open up opportunities for homeowners who like to use their garages as functional spaces. A hobby and craft area or mechanical workspace can give you the room you need to pursue your passion.
    • You Want Some Extra Home Security: Homes that came with carports can be transformed with a garage addition instead, allowing for a protected space to park your car and securely store your belongings without fear of exposure to the elements or intruders.

    To learn more about adding a garage to your home, contact William Gordon Group. Our formally trained specialists can improve your home’s appearance and functionality for your enjoyment and investment. Call (317) 361-3191 to schedule a consultation with us today.

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